Here are the articles written for Forbes during December:

Making a living or making a killing?
There are two strategies for your work and business: make a living or make a killing. Either is doable and either can be a solid strategy. Deciding now will make the rest of the journey fall into place, but only if you choose based on what you actually want, not what you think you should want.

7 ways to bounce back stronger after failure
Entrepreneurs Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos actively encourage failure amongst their inner circles. Musk said, “If you’re not failing, you are not innovating,” and Bezos famously hires people who have failed. Failure has become somewhat of a cultural fetish amongst the business elite, with countless podcasts and biographies providing reassuring tales of success after darker times.

Why do some entrepreneurs fail while others succeed?
Have you ever asked yourself why some entrepreneurs and innovators succeed at achieving breakthroughs while others don’t quite get there? How do they attract the best people to help them? How do they create remarkable impact in our daily lives?

5 ways to maximize your business value when you sell
With the right foresight and planning, a successful exit is possible for businesses of all shapes and size. But it’s not just about selling, it’s about selling at the price you want. Becoming aware of what makes a business saleable and what knocks dollars off the asking price can be the difference between you sailing off into the sunset and having regrets later down the line.

The 7 weaknesses that could be an entrepreneur’s hidden strengths
Have you ever been told to turn it down a notch? To back down or chill out? To be less loud, less daring, less weird? Have you ever been worried you’re too much to handle or that you come across as a tad full on? Have you ever been called intense, obsessed or rebellious?

5 steps to developing high-achieving employees
Are your team members empowered, productive, get-stuff-done superstars? Or does a malaise seem to permeate the group? This second camp is not a fun place to be.

6 steps to achieving your business goals in half the time
The old ways of following a career path are gone, and the timescales with them. Technological advancements, evolving working habits and a global pandemic contributed to every professional on the planet being able to do more with less, should they choose to. Someone retiring in their thirties used to be unheard of, now it’s a frequent occurrence.

5 steps to building a raving fan base with a podcast
Hosting a podcast is a brilliant way to get into the ears and minds of your target audience on a daily basis. Over time, listening to you becomes a habit and they feel like they know you really well. You build up trust and affinity and influence how they think and what they do.