Predicting your future is easy.

Look at what you do every single day and project that forward over a year, then five, then ten.

If you argue with your partner every day, where will your relationship be in a year? If you overeat, if you don’t get enough sleep, if you skip the gym, if you leave the work that matters until last.

It’s obvious when you think about where those habits lead.

On the other hand, if every day you do even tiny things that progress and improve you, over one, five and ten years they compound in a huge way.

If you met just one new person every day, you’d know over 3000 in ten years. If you wrote just five hundred words a day you’d have four books in a year. If you went for a walk and if you journaled every evening, the effect on your resting heart rate over the year would be huge.

You can predict your future by looking at what you’re doing right now. Keep editing your day-to-day until you’re happy with the prediction.