Here are the articles written for Forbes during July:

How to hire the best talent before your competitors even know they exist
As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to build your sales pipelines. The question, though, is how much effort have you put into building your talent pipeline?

How entrepreneurs building their brand can deal with online trolls
Creating your art, putting your work out there and committing to showing up is essential for entrepreneurs building their personal brand and business empire. Gone are the days of CEOs hiding in their corner offices and leaders of growing brands being faceless and invisible on Google.

3 steps to hire the right SEO expert for your business
If organic growth is your goal as an entrepreneur, at some point early on you’ll need to consider a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. For many companies, this means hiring an SEO expert to manage this strategy for them.

12 steps to turn your business idea into income
There is no value in ideation without execution. Without the intention and action that takes an idea from conception to success, it’s just an idea and ideas are everywhere. Many people have multiple ideas over the course of each day and most of them aren’t put into practice.

How anti-hustle culture is hurting early-stage entrepreneurs
For most people, starting a business means effort. Even if it all goes to plan, you’re busy finding your concept, defining your messaging, ascertaining your audience and preparing to launch or scale.

How to align your team, according to a former navy seal officer
Starting, growing and scaling a business is an exciting endeavor. With so many factors playing a role in an organization’s success, however, entrepreneurs can find themselves wondering where they should focus the majority of their attention.

The top 10 books billionaires recommend
What do billionaires read? As they’re making their plans, building their companies and investing their money, what are the books they carry around, gift to friends, and dip into when they have a moment to spare?

The 12 plateaus of progress, according to Appsumo’s former CEO
Very few companies go from inception to behemoth without any bumps in the road. In love and in business, the path never did run smooth. Ambitious entrepreneurs aren’t hoping for an easy ride, however, they’re thriving in any crisis and handling whatever is thrown at them.

Running your business at 200 miles per hour? You could be a catalyst entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs of every type and in every industry have the ability to make positive change in the world. However, organizing their work and life to maximize output and make the biggest impact takes intentionality, and if left to chance can lead to frustration and giving up.

When is a side hustle a good idea?
All side hustles are not created equal. Anything that takes away from your main business requires serious consideration before embarking upon. Additional projects have the potential to add or subtract. They can make or break an entrepreneur and their business.