In powerlifting competitions, you have to perform each lift to a specific standard. Squats must hit a certain depth, you can’t hitch a deadlift. When bench pressing, the bar must be stationary on your chest before receiving the press command, your bum must remain on the bench and your feet must be flat on the floor.

In lifting and in life, mistakes in training show up on the platform.

Under intense pressure for a podium spot, a crowd of people and the limits of your physical strength, you will revert to the technique you know best. That technique is your unconscious way of performing each lift, without the manual override that you can apply in casual training sessions.

I won’t make that mistake in a competition won’t cut it. It won’t be your choice. In strength sports, there are no dress rehearsals.

Practising non-competition standards in training will mean red lights for your competition lifts. The refs can only judge what’s in front of them. Mistakes in training show up on the platform and cost points and placings.

The integrity gap is the difference between the person you really are and the person you reveal. The bigger the gap, the less happiness you feel.

In training as in life, there is only one true version of you. You can’t gossip and backstab behind closed doors and expect it not to show in public. There is no work version of you and home version of you. Fake Insta or real Insta. Inauthenticity is obvious and it’s not endearing to others or enjoyable for you.

Make the gap smaller to maximise happiness and performance. Train to competition standards. Bring your best self to every situation. Only say in private what you would say in public. Talk about others in ways you’d be happy for them to overhear.