Here are some of the articles written for Forbes during the past few months:

Asynchronous communication: the secret weapon of entrepreneurs who get more done

Companies and individuals are embracing asynchronous communication to take control of their day, concentrate better, get more done and avoid being booked solidly at the expense of real work. In some ways, it’s like going back in time, but it’s needed.

5 ways joining an entrepreneur community can supercharge your life and business

If you’re going to be successful and happy in business, one thing is for sure: you need allies. You need people who are on your side, contributing to your vision, and vice versa. Find the wrong allies and forever feel lonely and misunderstood. Find the right allies and go far together.

The unconventional way to secure a million dollar exit

The most common way to start a business is to begin without knowing exactly where the path will lead. The other way is to begin with the endgame already planned. Here are the six steps to building a business with a guaranteed exit.

5 habits of lucky companies

The concept of luck divides opinions in business. Whilst some believe it to be the difference between success and failure, others are convinced only hard work and persistence counts. Whatever you believe, here are the five habits lucky companies practice.

The 3 reasons most entrepreneurs are confused, and what to do

Whilst some entrepreneurs seem to have it completely figured out, others are totally lost. For every founder genuinely nailing it there’s another simply winging it. If you feel like you haven’t quite cracked the code, you’re not alone.