Here are the articles written for Forbes during July:

Why successful entrepreneurs put themselves first

Self-centred. Unconscientious. Selfish. These are some of the shame and guilt-ridden words that might swim around in an entrepreneur’s head when they choose to put themselves first. But entrepreneurs should think of themselves as assets or resources just as vital as time or money.

How to write a bestselling business book in six steps
Tucker Max is a bestselling author. One of his books has sold over two million copies and his company has worked with over 1,800 authors in 6 years. I quizzed Max about exactly how authors can write a business book with every chance of being a bestseller. Here are his six top tips.

The five books that mission-driven leaders should read in 2021
Some of the greatest companies are not companies at all, they are movements. Mission and purpose sit alongside commercial success and each benefit the other. Ben Keene, cofounder of Rebel Book Club, shares the five books that mission-driven leaders should read in 2021.

How to always be your best self, from an eight-figure founder

Cathryn Lavery is a company founder on a mission to make everyone the best version of themselves. Her company, BestSelf, provides top productivity tools to help its customers achieve their goals and has sold over $30 million of products to customers determined to improve.

The seven steps to success Silicon Valley startups swear by

The Silicon Valley approach to starting, scaling and exiting a business is a useful method even for an entrepreneur without hopes of reaching unicorn status. Following these seven steps can maximise your chances of success in business.

Expanding your comfort zone: lessons from a year of adversity

After debilitating anxiety and panic attacks began to inhibit his daily life, Ben Aldridge decided to do something about it. He began to tackle his mental health issues in a creative way, by embarking upon a Year of Adversity and completing weird and wonderful challenges.