Jason Feifer of Entrepreneur magazine has a mantra and it’s: “I’m not f*cking around”.

He created the mantra to stay focused. To remember why he was taking risks and holding himself to high standards. He was on a personal mission to have an exciting career and to push himself into doing things he knew he was capable of doing.

I especially enjoy the phrase when prefaced with something that cannot be argued with.

“It’s Monday. I’m not f*cking around.”
“I’m about to have a meeting. I’m not f*cking around.”
“I’m at the gym. I’m not f*cking around.”
“I have a book to write. I’m not f*cking around.”

It notches the intensity of what you’re about to do up a gear and reminds you to be intentional with every thought, word and action. And of course, thoughts, words and actions is what our lives are made of.

Try it for yourself. Stop f*cking around.