Our brains make up just 2% of our mass but they use 25% of our energy. Brainpower is expensive. Whatever we do and think about is taking energy away from somewhere else.

Where are you expending brainpower on topics that just aren’t worth it? Here are twelve true wastes of energy that many of us fall into without realising.

1. Commenting on the actions of others.
2. Worrying what others might be thinking about you.
3. Replaying conversations in your head.
4. Speculating about the weather or the pandemic.
5. Trying to impress people you don’t like.
6. Focusing on anything out of your control.
7. Gossiping, spreading rumours or listening to others do it.
8. Inferring the meaning of an email or text.9. Chasing someone who isn’t bothered.
10. Selling to someone who doesn’t want to buy.
11. Fretting about the future.
12. Regretting the past.

Where are you intentionally spending your energy, and where are you just wasting it?