Frugal means simple and plain and costing little, or economical regarding money or food.

The word frugal conjures up images of scrimping and saving and living a meagre existence. Being tight and ungenerous and counting every penny.

One way to be frugal is to check the price of everything. Search around for a better deal. Go without something you really want in order to save the money it would have cost. Cut coupons and look for discounts. Pick the least expensive option and use cost as the most important factor in every decision. Frugality at its most intentional.

The other way to be frugal is by accident. It means wanting for very little. Being happy with the clothes you have. Being delighted with the simplest of meals. Not caring about owning anything flashy. Investing when it makes sense to but being happy to opt out of shopping or acquiring possessions.

When you discover you can be content with the bare minimum you might also discover you spend far less without realising. Accidental frugality is the happiest place to be.