There, I said it.

Sometimes I work weekends and weekdays and sometimes I work neither.

People might say that’s bad. That I should shut my laptop on Friday afternoon and not touch it again until Monday morning. That weekends are for socialising and shopping and relaxing.

You know why they’re wrong?

Weekends are nothing but a social construct. They’re not real.

My weeks don’t have ends.

Places are busier on Saturdays and Sundays. I have to share the same spaces with more people. That’s no fun for anyone.

Entrepreneurs don’t have to fall into the patterns of weeks and weekdays. We have choices and we can use them.

I don’t feel bad about working on a Saturday morning any more than I feel guilty about being in the gym on Tuesday afternoon. Neither matters.

Two-day weekends were invented about 100 years ago and we’re still sticking to their constraints and judging people who don’t.

None of it matters.

You do you.