New business

I'm all in on my startup: Coachvox AI. We create artificially intelligent coaches based on thought leaders.

Influential entrepreneurs and coaches work with us to clone themselves using AI and generate leads while building familiarity with their audience, 24/7.

I believe in the future we'll all have an AI coach and it will feel totally normal. Create an AI version of you here.


I'm writing about ChatGPT prompts for entrepreneurs, to help business owners make more money and more impact with less time and energy. Check the prompts out here and on my Forbes column.

I'm posting on LinkedIn most weekdays. Say hey there.


I just competed in the Arnolds Sports Festival and the Bench Press World Championships (video below). Next it's the European Bench Press Championships in August.


This year so far has been Cape Town, Croatia, San Diego, Austin, New Orleans, Miami, Vilnius and various places in the United Kingdom. I'm in the UK until mid August.

Currently reading

How Champions Think, by Dr Bob Rotella

Current mantra

Extreme people get extreme results ✨