Willpower is not a finite resource that depletes throughout the day. You don’t wake up with a full tank of willpower that is worn down over twelve hours by work, requests and exerting energy. You don’t have less willpower in the evenings, explaining that after-dinner lapse.

Everything I just said can be true, but only if you believe it can.

There’s a mindset that brings unlimited willpower, and it’s simply the mindset that you have unlimited willpower. That’s it. Believe it’s yours and it is. There’s no greater hack for generating more energy.

A study about the effect of willpower on self-regulation, including stamina and the ability to resist cookies, found that your mindset around willpower can be limited or non-limited.

If you believe your willpower wanes, it does. But believing it’s non-limited allows for growth.

How would you act differently if you believed willpower would never hold you back? That it’s not a scarce resource, run down with age, tiredness or duration?

The difference is huge. People with non-limited beliefs about willpower find it easier to get motivated to work out, work hard and get more done. Self-control grows the more you practice it, so seeing your willpower stay strong will give you the confidence to keep stretching your comfort zone and seeing what you can do.

Prove to yourself that your willpower can hold and feel invincible forever.