"What are you capable of?" is a question that I am absolutely obsessed with.

The answer to the question is actually: a lot. What am I capable of? What are you capable of? What are we capable of? So much! So much more than we even know right now.

But it's not that easy. I think that if we knew what we were capable of - if we realised the superpowers that we had - we would walk around like we had those superpowers all the time.

But actually we didn't know we've got superpowers. We either haven't tested the limits, so we don't know what we are capable of. Or we let the day-to-day grind us down. Other people grind us down. The news grinds us down. Social media grinds us down. And because of that, we might never realise unless we put some intention into it. Unless we move aside everything else so that we can focus on what we're capable of.

I think the answer to the question, "what are you capable of?" comes in uncovering or regaining your superpowers.

I put together a free course so you can do just that. It's ready for you now and you might just love it.