You think things will be different.

When that deal closes.
When you have more time.
When they’re a bit older.
When she understands.
When you get there.

But it’s not true. It’s a fallacy. Arrival fallacy is the false belief that once that pivotal moment happens, once we arrive, everything will change.

Sure, you might get a hit of dopamine when you reach a certain goal, but that’s only if you even recognise when you reach it. Because in that moment, what really changes?

Actions have reactions
New challenges arise
The next milestone presents itself
The goalposts move
But you’re still you

The same you that couldn’t enjoy the present back then. What makes you think you’ll enjoy it now? The truth is that the part of your mind that is deferring happiness now will be at work in the future giving you reasons to only be happy when…

And just like that, we’re back at square one.

There’s no option but to accept you are here. You have arrived. You are whole as you are and everything in your future will not complete you any further.