The hardest thing about starting a business is winning the first client.
The hardest thing about exercising every morning is getting started.
The hardest thing about speaking on stage is the walk up the stairs.
The hardest thing about writing a book is showing up at the blank page.
The hardest thing about making new friends is the opening line.
The hardest thing about a cold shower is the first three seconds.

Once you’re in the gym, at the laptop, out the door or at the mic, the rest isn’t as tough.

Your first client tells someone else, then you have two.
Exercising every morning becomes a habit.
Once you start your speech the rest just flows.
One page of writing leads to ten, then fifty, then a hundred.
Being open to chatting means more people approach you.
After the cold shock, it’s kind of nice.

The first hurdle is the one many never jump over. What they don’t know is that the other hurdles are lower. They’re somehow easier.

Hurdle one: hard. Hurdles two to infinity: a piece of cake.