If something is easy it’s probably not super lucrative because lots of people have figured it out and are doing it.

That restaurant where it’s always easy to get a table.
The publications it’s easy to get featured in.
The career path that’s super simple and straightforward.

All have so little to offer compared to the ones that just require that little bit more effort or thought. They require a willingness to try harder or a willingness to face rejection, which so many people shy away from.

The restaurant you have to book two weeks in advance because it’s busy all the time, the publications that you have to work your butt off to get featured in, the career path that requires more hard work or asking more of the big questions.

Why are we still looking for the easy option? It should be our last resort not our plan A or B.

The easiest road is what most people follow blindly because they confuse easy with good. They run away from things being difficult and they settle for less.

But not us!