You step up a level in any field by working at the level above before being rewarded for it.

Get a publishing contract by writing an amazing book, as if you already have a contract.

Get a pay rise by being so exceptional that a promotion is the obvious next step.

Receive opportunities by being the type of person others want to collaborate with.

The reverse almost never works.

Securing a publisher without having written anything.

Getting sponsors for your podcast or YouTube channel without having any subscribers.

Convincing someone you’re worth more money with little to back it up.

Putting the effort in, chunking together long stretches of producing exceptional work, and being a remarkable person builds substance.

Substance is what brings openings.

The good thing is, building substance doesn’t require luck. You don’t need to watch webinars on funnel hacks or learn industry secrets to ramp up output.

Seek substance, not shortcuts.