“Sit down and…” fallacy is the idea that you can only get something significant done with a chair and a chunk of dedicated time.

I need to just sit down and write my book.
When can we sit down and talk about this?
I wish I had some time to sit down and think about it.
We could really do with sitting down and figuring out our marketing plan.

It’s a fallacy because, often, the time never comes. The phrase becomes an avoidance tactic, pushing something seemingly important to an undefined time in the future.

In reality, the best ideas don’t come when you’re sitting down. Progress isn’t made in the boardroom. Breakthroughs begin the moment you stop waiting for blank space and a comfy chair.

You can agree a strategy in a WhatsApp message. You can draft a few chapters waiting in line. Alignment with a team member might take a few emojis, not a structured meeting.

Sitting down and having a chunk of time is nothing more than a romanticised version of what work should be. Big chunks of time, that perfect moment when everything is flowing. A complete fallacy.

Stand up and act. Life is happening right now.