Why do you show up online? Out of obligation or habit, for a specific reason or to see what happens? Because everyone else is doing it or because your purpose is clear? The more defined your reason, the more focused your actions.

I show up online to meet and stay in touch with like-minded people.

I share my views and frameworks. I give the thought process behind challenges I’ve worked through. When they resonate with people, they email me to tell me about their life.

I’ve made friends all over the world in this way.

For me it doesn’t matter if everyone agrees with me, or if I sell anything.

The goal is to share my stuff and be a magnet for interesting people who then turn into connections and friends.

When I know this is the goal I care less about likes and impressions. I don’t measure anything other than quality and quantity of inbound messages.

Open a blank word document, type, “I show up online because…” and see what comes up as you complete the sentence. Or just explain your reasons out loud.

What are your goals, what really matters, and do your actions actually align with what you want?

Why do you show up online?