Here are the articles written for Forbes during September:

5 steps to prolifically producing content
Everyone wants to have written a book, but no one wants to write a book. Everyone wants to have awards, achievements and accolades without expending the toil and exertion they take to secure. It’s human. There’s no shame in wanting to take the easy road, there is shame in letting it cost your potential.

How entrepreneurs can wake up early, according to 5am Club author Robin Sharma
Anyone can be a morning person. It’s not an exclusive title reserved for a select few, it’s possible for those with determination to make it happen.

5 signs it’s time to sell your business
Your time on this planet is finite. Days are not to be wasted and especially not wasted doing something you don’t want to be doing. What’s the point? Exceptional businesses are run by people who care. Who are committed, who have gone all in. They are hell bent on their company succeeding and they are prepared to do whatever it takes.

6 ways to stay in shape while travelling for business
If not considered ahead of time, diet and exercise can go out of the window whilst traveling for business. Airport lounges, airplane food, corporate hospitality and new routines can throw out even the most meticulous planner. But jet-setting around the world doesn’t have to come at the expense of eating and training well, there is another way.

Survive a cyberattack: 7 things business owners must do in 2021
Global cybercrime trends mean annual damages will hit $10.5 trillion by 2025, representing $11.4 million in of damages incurred per minute and $16.4 billion per day. Not only is cybercrime one of the fastest growing markets on the planet, but according to Cybercrime Magazine it also represents the greatest transfer of wealth in human history.