I’m mentoring someone who described entrepreneurship as a game of constant reframing.

She’s not wrong.

If you’re doing anything of note in business, things will be thrown at you every day. Clients want discounts, users want support, team members want more money, competitors want to crush you and journalists want to interview you.

It doesn’t stop there. Interest rates are up, optimism is down, inflation is rising. There’s a meteor heading straight for earth and you probably forgot to lock your front door.

Reasons to be worried are at every turn and if you take them all on board you’ll be paralysed with fear.

So what’s the solution? Reframing. Everything. Again and again until you’re an absolute pro.

  • Clients want discounts? The perfect chance to rethink how we communicate the value we bring.
  • Users want support? A good sign to rework our onboarding so it’s more intuitive. And don’t forget to be grateful that we have clients and users!
  • Team members want more money? Cool, let’s hear what they have to say.
  • Competitors want to crush us? Great, we love fighting talk.

Here’s a secret: no one knows what they are doing. We’re all just figuring it out. So while something might look like it could be bad, let’s just assume it’s good and find the message.

Reasons to worry become reasons to improve.
Reasons to be angry become reasons to learn.
Reasons to be sad become reasons to pivot.

Everything that comes at you: reframe, reframe, reframe.