All you have to be is better than you were 30 days ago.

Look back in your calendar and remember what happened 30 days ago today. Where you were, who you were with, what you knew.

Name two or three ways you are better today than then.

Maybe you’ve since learned something, achieved something, sold something. Perhaps you have a new friend, a new insight, a new way of getting something done.

Change doesn’t happen in one clear announcement. It’s not always grandiose, you might not recognise it’s happening. But it is.

Your 30-day moving average isn’t concerned with undulating phases, it only cares about the overall trend. After one bad day you might feel like giving up, but zooming out to view the past 30 in one go stops you questioning your trajectory.

If you can see progress since 30 days ago, your 30-day moving average is on the up, and will continue to be.

Where did your last 30 days bring you?