When you’re on a long haul flight you can choose to focus on:

The person in front who reclined their seat at the earliest opportunity.
The person behind who is tapping away at the back of your headrest like a woodpecker.
The baby two rows in front that is screaming at the top of its voice.
The fact that your food is dry and the turbulence is bumpy.
The fact that your TV screen doesn’t work and you were 15 minutes late to take off.

Or, you can choose to:

Marvel in amazement that you are hurtling through the air, soon to land safely thanks to miraculous feats of engineering and physics and human skill.

Be happy that you can read a book or listen to music or look out of the window and view the world from above.

Be grateful that you can afford to take a flight and that you have the time available to do it. That you’re healthy enough to fly, that there are people who will miss you when you’re away and others who are looking forward to seeing you when you arrive.  

Happy people know that there are two ways of viewing every single situation. It’s completely your choice.