Here are some of the articles written for Forbes during the past few months:

The 5 everyday influences costing your potential
Every day, these five influences keep you toeing the line and playing small. Subtract those elements of your life that don’t need to be there. The ones that are silently stealing your potential while you remain oblivious.

8 ways to love what you do
Doing what you love and being paid to do it is how you win at life. But how many people are doing stuff they hate? Working for bosses they don’t believe in, for companies they don’t care about. Even some entrepreneurs see their work as a slog.

7 thought experiments to expand your mind and business
The businesses and solutions that will transform the future are dreamed up by expansive minds, making thought experiments game-changing concepts for entrepreneurs to utilise. In letting yourself dream and play with ideas, you might hit upon something awesome. Here are seven to try this week.