1. They see the best in others

Happy people don’t put people down. Happy people don’t hate. They give the benefit of the doubt and they look for the good in whoever they meet. You won’t catch them gossiping or hating on anyone.

2. They know who they are

Happy people aren’t trying to impress everyone else because they are indifferent to being liked. They make their decisions independent of consensus and they don’t mind being the odd one out.

3. They give

Happy people are givers, not takers. They are paying compliments, making introductions and doing favours without keeping score. They trust that somehow the love all comes back around, and invariably it does.

4. They let things slide

Happy people don’t hold grudges or seek revenge. They’re not bitter and twisted. They forgive and forget. They are happy in their own skin with nothing to prove. Instead of holding onto anger they let it go.

5. They aren’t easily offended

Happy people don’t walk around with inflated egos. They are difficult to offend because they don’t take themselves too seriously. They see opinions for what they are and can learn from criticism.

What else?

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