How it feels when you have nothing to prove

When you have nothing to prove your only competition is your former self. You carry out actions because you believe them to be the right thing to do, which is enough. You find it easy to show kindness and you seek no reward in return.

You hold no grudges. You seek no revenge. You forgive anyone who has attempted to hurt you or who wishes you harm. You feel sad that others waste their time and energy proving themselves or justifying their actions but you hope they find happiness regardless. You look forward to the day when they feel how you do, because it feels peaceful and calm.

You let everything slide like never before. No one’s words can touch you. They only serve to make you smile. You keep your head down and you do your work. You continue with your cause and you make progress. What you’re working on is bigger and more important. Titles and awards are nice, but that’s not what you’re doing it for. You find success in your input, not the output you can’t control.

You would never diss anyone on the internet. You don’t need to. You know your time on earth is finite, the same as everyone else’s, so we might as well happily co-exist together.

You cultivate the friendships that mean the most to you and you accept that you won’t click with everyone you meet. You don’t need to be liked or understood. Anyone worth it will ask. No one worth it will make judgments based on second hand information.

Nothing can touch you because you’re firmly in the driving seat of your own life, not a spectator in someone else’s.

Let this be the year you truly have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself. Be your own best friend, biggest fan and harshest critic. If something or someone doesn’t add to your life, forget they exist and move on. You have nothing to prove and you never will.