1. Finding a millionaire mentor

This mentor helped me think bigger and in better ways. He saw things differently. He could differentiate true opportunities from distractions in disguise and I learned so much from every chat.

2. Joining a mastermind group

Weekly meetings, with purpose and structure, with four other entrepreneurs traveling a similar path. I underestimated how much difference this could make but it was so powerful for business and personal growth.

3. Narrowing my focus

I used to aspire to be a “serial entrepreneur” and have side projects everywhere. I got far further when I closed peripheral companies, let domain names expire and channelled all my energy into one thing, doubling down on making it a success.

4. A repeatable daily schedule

Waking up without a plan and meandering through the day meant shallow work and wasting time on things that didn’t really matter. Each day’s routine is now identical and the format matches my energy and priorities.

5. Ramping up output

Everyone has a way of creating that comes easily to them. Whether podcasting, writing, filming videos or writing tweets, the trick is to find what feels effortless and then ramp up output, producing and publishing every day.

What have been your biggest business-changing decisions?