Here are the articles written for Forbes during May:

5 ways to make your small business sale-ready
Selling your business can change your life. Moving onto your next challenge, safe in the knowledge that your clients and team are looked after, is an exciting prospect that has likely crossed the minds of many small business owners.

7 common errors great leaders don’t make
Companies thrive under great leadership. Teams do too. A great leader has the power to inspire, motivate and support. To build loyalty and admiration and ensure it’s channelled in the right way. But tiny cracks can undermine the actions of an otherwise brilliant leader. They start small and build, until they take over and it’s too late.

Why being a jack of all trades is essential for success
When you hear the phrase jack of all trades, what judgment does your mind make? It likely conjures up negative connotations. A wheeler-dealer who will sell anything to anyone. Someone who knows a little about a lot and uses it to get their way. A lack of specialist skills and knowledge in favour of giving any old thing a try.

5 key qualities to look for in a coach
Business and life coaches are valuable and hiring one might be exactly what you need. But when there are so many options, how do you know who to choose?

5 common excuses successful people don’t use
Looking at the practices of world-class athletes, entrepreneurs and writers reveals one small but important key to their success. They show up. They move past fear. Training, performance, products, output: delivered.