Here are the articles written for Forbes during March:

A shy entrepreneur’s guide to being charismatic
To be charismatic is to “exercise a compelling charm which inspires devotion in others”, according to Charisma is vital for a modern entrepreneur who wants to amass and leverage a tribe. Without it, customers don’t buy, employees don’t stay and the press don’t care.

The unconventional way to secure a multi-million dollar exit
There are two ways to start a business. The most common way is to begin without knowing where the path will lead. You complete your ideation phase, test ideas and gather feedback. You launch a product or service and you go from there.

The 3 reasons most entrepreneurs are confused, and what to do
Entrepreneurship can be a minefield. Whilst some seem to have it completely figured out, others are totally lost. For every glossy headline or perfect headshot there’s another story of struggle, of covering up the cracks or making it through a rollercoaster time.

5 ways joining an entrepreneur community can supercharge your life and business
If you’re going to be successful and happy in business, one thing is for sure: you need allies. You need people who are on your side, contributing to your vision, and vice versa. Find the wrong allies, and forever feel lonely and misunderstood. Find the right allies and go far together.

The 3 methods of expansion: which is right for your business?
Most companies want to grow. Often, the very survival of a business depends on steady growth. Yet when many companies try to expand, they end up stagnating instead. Expansion problems are both common and various.

Asynchronous communication: the secret weapon of entrepreneurs who get more done
Synchronous communication relies on two parties being available at exactly the same time. Synchronous communication methods, such as meetings, telephone or Zoom calls, must be arranged. Both parties must be physically and mentally present. During this type of communication, questions require immediate answers or there is a subsequent follow up where actions take place and loose ends are tied.

Positivity is profitable: adopt the mindset that makes millions
A common saying in computer science is “garbage in, garbage out.” The output from any system is only as good as the input. This same idea can be applied to entrepreneurship.