When a resource is scarce it’s considered more valuable. This applies to precious metals, items that are selling fast, and you as an entrepreneur.

If you’re not always there, if you selectively choose when you show up, if you turn down more invitations than you accept, you become a scarce resource.

When that happens, people assume you’re busy. They assume you’re up to something juicy. They become more curious to know what it is. They become keener to see you.

When you’re too available, you have the opposite effect. You become old news, part of the furniture, not as exciting. Too reliable and ultimately taken for granted. You can’t come and go as you please because now you’re needed. The conversations lose quality.

An entrepreneur who is too available makes themselves common, not scarce.

When they respond to emails within the hour and WhatsApp messages within the minute. When they can be summoned in seconds by any member of their team, and they swoop in to solve a problem. When they’re commenting all over forums, active on every social media platform and at every event. When they join Threads without considering the cost.

Prevalence seems like a good idea but it’s really not. Without the scarcity, their stock goes down.

Be less available

We are led to believe we need to show up everywhere, but it’s a massive lie.

Show up in fewer places, better.
Do half the projects, twice as well.
Leave them wanting more, not less.

Master the art of not showing up to make yourself a scarce resource whose value is inherently high.

Undertake hermit mode for a few months. Make yourself an autoresponder so no one expects a timely reply. Empower your team to progress your business without you there.

Master the art of not showing up for more bang per buck every time that you do.