Here are the articles written for Forbes during June:

Hide and thrive: the unconventional strategy that built a million-dollar business
Conventional wisdom says that growing a business means putting yourself out there. It means prolifically producing and sharing content, meeting new people by networking and having meetings, following up clients and prospects every day and being busy exploring opportunities.

Entrepreneurs share the most important traits for a business coach
Many entrepreneurs attribute at least some of their success to having a great business coach. Someone that asks the tough questions and can lend their experience and network when required. But finding a business coach isn’t easy. Your business and personal life are tightly interwoven.

5 strategies to maximize revenue from your email marketing
Emailing your customer database is free and it’s one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase the lifetime value of your customers. With no additional ad spend or acquisition costs, even small improvements in your email marketing conversion rates can make a huge difference to your bottom line.

Revealed: the founders forum rising stars of 2022
Founders Forum has once again spotlighted the top five companies with world-changing potential to join the 2022 Rising Star cohort.

Entrepreneurs reveal their dream business mentors
Like a guiding compass, a mentor makes the path forward clear. Their experience in life and business gives them oracle-like power to guide you to success. Securing the perfect mentor can be tricky. You need to find alignment of values and relevance in their knowledge. But what if you could choose anyone in the world to mentor you? Anyone you can think of, no matter how far fetched?

10 conversation starters for entrepreneurs seeking deeper connection
There’s never a reason to run out of conversation topics. The news, the weather and whatever other people are doing could be talked about at length, in most scenarios. Those topics, however, are dull. No one learned anything meaningful about anyone else by making small talk.

How weekends separate winners
Every single entrepreneur has the same number of hours in their week. What they do with those hours is a choice. Consuming, complaining and wasting their time or planning, thinking and executing? While being on top form for five days out of seven will get you so far, the weekends can mark the difference between just getting by and smashing your goals out the park.