Here are the articles written for Forbes during January:

How to make 2022 your best year in business
The first of January can mark either an arbitrary date or the start of a brand new phase. If you choose, it can denote a shift, a milestone. A day that draws a line under what was and looks only to what will come. If 2021 wasn’t your year, perhaps 2022 will be. If 2021 was great, perhaps 2022 will be better. The difference between a mediocre twelve months and the year of your dreams could be as simple as these six steps.

Why top entrepreneurs are hiring ghostwriters in 2022
Consistently writing high quality content is essential for entrepreneurs who want to make their mark in a big way, but it can be extremely time consuming. So how do you write and produce high-quality content, regularly, and achieve more with the same 24 hours?

How entrepreneurs can leverage visualization: a neuroscientist explains
Making a mark in an ever more competitive arena is tough, and entrepreneurs are seeking novel ways to gain an edge. The new generation of entrepreneur is beginning to look to neuroscience for insights into improving their performance. Psychologists have long understood the benefit of visualization as a means of behavioral therapy, but its application can extend far beyond this.

How to double your online business revenue in 3 months
The sales funnel of an online business encompasses every step from someone visiting a website to joining an email list, to purchasing and repeat purchasing. Although huge efforts likely went into designing and producing products and securing customers, most businesses can do more to optimise their funnels, making a huge impact on their profitability.

How to blow up your personal brand as a serial podcast guest
Everywhere you look, podcast stats are growing. The number of listeners, shows and episodes has each exploded, and the industry is showing no sign of slowing down. Now is a great time to get involved. Podcasts are always looking for interesting guests to introduce to their listeners, and if you have a story to tell and lessons to share, that could be you.