In December 2020 my book, Instagram Rules, was published with White Lion Publishing, an imprint of Quarto.

The book contains 125 bite-sized tips on how brands, businesses and individuals can harness Instagram for commercial and professional gain. Having seen, and helped, Instagram completely transform brands, writing this book was a lot of fun. The book includes examples of some awesome companies who have grown from scratch by using Instagram cleverly.

Within the 125 tips are five dedicated to health. I knew they were essential to include. There’s little point in building big, impressive brands if we lose our minds along the way.  

We win at social media when we are in control. We lose when it controls us. We lose when we care more about how something looks than how it feels. When genuine curiosity turns into compulsion. When we face withdrawal symptoms while taking a break. We lose when social media connections replace human connections.

The health section of Instagram Rules is in PDF form here. Feel free to download and share if you find the tips useful.