I hate delaying action until a meeting has happened. I hate having meetings that could have been emails or voice notes.

The only things I want booked in my calendar are:

🧠 Masterminds with other entrepreneurs where we support each other (even then, most of our communication happens in Telegram chats or via voice note)

📽 Co-creating with other professionals (like the Ten Year Career companion course, pictured, filmed by the very talented Ian Snape)

💪 Training for powerlifting (which happens at the same time every day)

💙 Time with my friends and family (where my phone is firmly on airplane mode)

For the rest of the day I want blank space.

I want the space to think. I want to do hours of uninterrupted, deep work. I want to wake up and follow my curiosity rather than wake up to a day of back-to-back calls.

The default question is too often, “WHEN can we discuss this?”
Let’s make the default question, “HOW can we discuss this?”

There are myriad ways that don’t include a fixed booking.

More blank space equals more magic. More getting stuff done. Less being busy being busy.

Action and progress do not require calls and meetings.

How do you create more blank space?