How to work with your romantic partner

There are hundreds of benefits of working with your significant other, but plenty of cons too. Having the best of both worlds means working through the challenges to find a productive and sustainable way of operating.

Ben and I have been together since 2007 and worked together since 2014. Since then, we have figured out how to do it well, in a way that benefits our business efforts and relationship. We get asked about this a lot and often share our thoughts with friends but have shied away from public podcasts or interviews. This article will cover what we share with friends.

Maybe you are considering joining forces with your partner or you already work together but know there’s room for improvement. Perhaps you want to work with a partner in the future.

From learnings from many years of regularly frustrating each other and talking everything through, here are the six principles that underpin the strength of what we now have. A major caveat is that it’s still a work in progress and no relationship is perfect. I’m sharing these in case they help in some way and I welcome additions to these principles that have worked for you.

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