Paying for a problem to be solved is not everyone’s first thought when faced with a challenge. Spending our own time to address an issue tends to be the default.

Gallantly, we want to fix our own cars. Darn our own socks. To heroically put up our own shelves and plan our own holidays. We want to type up our own notes and spend our weekends painting the hallway. We want to edit our own videos, upload our own blogs, hand-select our own groceries and vet our tenants ourselves.

We say things like:

“Someone else won’t care as much as I do.”
“They’ll miss things.”
“They won’t do it like I would.”

All are examples of limiting beliefs that keep us DIYing and stop us from doing what truly adds value. Undervaluing our time, being busy being busy, running around doing tasks well beneath our potential. It’s madness and it has to stop.

Paying someone to paint your hallway whilst you scroll Instagram doesn’t make sense on any level. But freeing up your time so you can think. Plan. Have the space to do your work and create your art. That’s absolutely priceless.