Jason’s business was stalling.

After a few solid years, he’d hit a plateau and sales had started to drop. This is it, he thought. This is where our luck runs out.

He had heard in the news that the economy was bad. The owner of a business in the same field told Jason they had also been struggling, and Jason secretly felt relieved. It wasn’t just him. It was everyone. There was safety in that information.

Jason spent a while hanging out in that headspace. Losing his mojo, feeling unmotivated to get up and do anything, gradually seeing sales slow down and thinking more and more about what he was spending.

Then his salesperson went on holiday.

All of a sudden, Jason had meetings. His diary now had the sales calls he wouldn’t normally take. He went into them without much hope. After all, things weren’t good.

But something happened that week. He closed three out of three deals for their highest value service. One of them referred a friend. Suddenly, the future didn’t look so bad.

Turns out, it wasn’t the economy. It wasn’t the industry or technology or some inevitable force. Jason’s salesperson just wasn’t very good.

In one week everything changed and a month later his company hit its biggest month on record.

There’s a simple explanation for most things, and this is no different. Listening to other people and the media, it’s easy to believe that we’re all doomed to fail. But it’s probably not true.

Question everything. Pull on every thread.

What limitations are you believing you have? Where are you the victim, not the hero of your life? Find out and unlock a new level.