A bad day, a challenging week, a difficult month. They don’t matter if you believe that one day you will succeed on a grand scale.

If you can convince yourself that, ultimately, you will figure it out and make everything work, you’ll see those short term blips as nothing more than funny stories in the movie of your life.

The day ten clients cancelled at once. That time a key team member left. The week when everything seemed to be burning down. If you believe there’s ultimately a successful end to your story, you’ll take them all in your stride far better than if you believe the future may or may not fall in your favour.

Freak mishaps don’t need to be dramatized in our heads. Rare unlucky moments are exactly that. The people who make it through are those who can see bumps in the road and drive over them regardless.

Will this bad thing that has happened matter in a month or a year’s time, let alone in the end?

Believe in the end of your story and believe it’s going to be great.