Unless we wake up and look around us, we are all screwed. 

The simple word that can save us:


Why do I feel so tired?
Why do I do this work?
Why did I get that email?
Why don’t I look my best?
Why am I doing that thing?
Why am I with that person?
Why did I say yes to that request?

Every present moment is the consequence of a past decision.

The problem is when those past decisions are made based on something other than what you really want. When you keep making decisions based on:

What you used to do
What is expected of you
What you were told was true
What you believe you should do

Some people are scared to question everything because they fear they’ll have to change.

I’m scared to not question everything because I fear I’ll stay the same.

On the other side of “why?” is growth. Expansion. Freedom.

Knowing you chose everything, every place, every person, every moment in your life. 

You live by design. And you’re the designer.