Here are the articles written for Forbes during April:

How to nail the transition from entrepreneur to executive
Many entrepreneurs begin as technicians. Perhaps having never run a business, they find gaps in their systems and organization as they are still spending most of their time working in the business instead of on it.

6 steps to successfully close your acquisition deal
When you’re selling your startup, there are few moments more exciting than when you have a term sheet in hand. At this point, you have selected your dance partner and you’re moving forward into your future with the makings of a successful deal.

4 common beliefs every entrepreneur should question
Entrepreneurship is a tough road that can travel through some dark places. After some initial success, many entrepreneurs find themselves stuck and confused, in a place where they question who they are, where their business is going or when they’ll get there.

3 costly mistakes leaders make when trying to resolve conflicts
Many leaders have been in a situation where there was a proverbial elephant in the room. In the workplace, the default course of action is to tiptoe around the elephant. Anxious about a potential confrontation, leaders are often afraid they’ll be misunderstood or perhaps worried that they’ll somehow make the situation worse by speaking up.

Intentional networking: 7 ways to maximize the ROI on your time
At the start of your business journey, anything goes. You’re prolifically meeting people, following up and building your network. You’re going for coffees, having your brain picked and attending multiple networking events each week. It’s unsustainable but essential. In the beginning, it’s necessary to be everywhere.

Forget resilience, improve your uncertainty tolerance
Your brain is a prediction machine, meaning that when things don't go as planned, there can be significant consequences. You’ll have experienced this many times. That tight feeling in your chest when receiving adverse news. That sinking feeling when a decision you made starts to look like a costly mistake. That anxiety when your schedule changes at the last minute. We're all human.

Alex hormozi’s 4 key secrets to scaling your business
Many entrepreneurs start a business with grand plans of reaping the rewards of their hard work and becoming a success. Some make it and some don’t. Those that do have likely followed a structure, a blueprint, a method, whether intentionally or otherwise. Growing a successful and sustainable business is a formula that anyone can follow.

The two reasons entrepreneurs succeed with a business coach
The coaching and mentoring industry is exploding, and for good reason. Entrepreneurs have blind spots. Entrepreneurs need support, accountability and sounding boards. Entrepreneurs succeed better with guidance.