After selling my marketing agency and taking some time to decide what’s next, I began a phase of idea generation with my husband, Ben. After deciding I wanted to get back in the arena, the plan was to come up with a hundred million dollar idea that we could throw the kitchen sink at.

Each of those thought processes is explained in its respective blog. But the real question is, how do you come up with a hundred million dollar idea?

For us this involved two exercises. The first was where we defined the parameters of our future business, the second was where we thought of ideas within said parameters.

Without parameters, coming up with business ideas is a minefield. Without focus or direction, concepts are sporadic. They fulfil different purposes, they target different audiences, they don’t align with a specific mission, expertise or desired day-to-day.

For our idea generation phase, affectionately titled the “summer of ideation,” the parameters for our next business were as follows:

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