Alongside running a business, I write books and articles about entrepreneurship.

I write about challenges and breakthroughs. I write about the rollercoaster of business ownership to help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs enjoy the ride. If you're looking for straight-talking guidance and inspiration, they might be up your street.

Ten Year Career: Reimagine business, design your life, fast track your freedom

The new framework for entrepreneurs: published July 2022

How to define success your way, not their way. How to achieve far more in a shorter space of time. How to run your business without it running you and the four-step framework by which to complete your Ten Year Career.

Foreword by Derek Sivers. Available in Kindle, paperback and audio.

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Stop Acting Like You're Going To Live Forever: volume one

36 articles to help you think differently and achieve your version of success, now.

This book is a collection of articles written from first-hand experience of being a business owner. Topics include entrepreneurship, happiness and lifestyle design. 

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Daily Me: Short morning reads to choose your day

This book is an answer to the question, "How do you want to feel today?"

Each of the 32 morning affirmations within Daily Me set you up for a day on your terms. Available in ebook and hardback.

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Stop Acting Like You're Going To Live Forever: Guided Journal

This guided journal accompanies Stop Acting Like You’re Going To Live Forever: 36 articles to help you think differently and achieve your version of success, now.

It comprises 45 days of exercises and questions, to explore the themes and incorporate their messages into your day-to-day. 

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Clever Tykes storybooks and resources for entrepreneurial education

A series of storybooks and accompanying resources for children ages 6-9, inspiring positive, resourceful and creative behaviour by introducing entrepreneurial role models.

Full series comprises Walk-it Willow, Code-it Cody, Change-it Cho and Write-it Ryan. Accompanying story guidebook and activity & colouring book.

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How to Raise Entrepreneurial Kids

Raising confident, resourceful and resilient children who are ready to succeed in life – with stories from 150+ parents.

Written with Daniel Priestley and published with Rethink Press.

Also available in Arabic, Korean, Chinese (simplified), Vietnamese, Czech, Thai, Turkish and Russian.

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How to raise entrepreneurial kids: Playbook

The playbook accompaniment to How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids brings the themes in the book to life. The playbook comprises four pillars: entrepreneurial mindset, entrepreneurial skills, entrepreneurial opportunities, and the parent-mentor, with 46 bite-sized sections.

Each section addresses a key concept in developing the skills and attitude of a young person ready to take on the world and includes questions to ponder and exercises to complete together as a family.

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Stop Acting Like You're Going To Live Forever: volume two

45 articles to help you dream big, find your calling, and thrive in any crisis.

These articles are here to inspire you to raise your bar and become the best version of yourself.

Accompanying guided journal available on Amazon.

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