Welcome 👋 here's a list of the AI (and non AI) tools I use in my business. Between them they save me hours and mean I can run a growing software business with a lean team.


This is my software. I made an AI version of me that coaches and mentors people who read my books and articles, based on my content and ethos. Jodie AI collects email addresses and helps people with their challenges, while helping them figure out how an AI version of them could grow their business.

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This is for LinkedIn. No need to log into LinkedIn and be distracted by the endless newsfeed or have your content game hampered by their content creation functionality. Use Taplio for post creation and scheduling as well as engagement. A top tool.

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ChatGPT Plus

I write about ChatGPT prompts in my Forbes articles and I subscribe to plus to access the latest version. The tool can help with research, ideation, analysis content creation and planning. It can create images to use for your website and in visualisations. Essential for entrepreneurs.

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Tweet Hunter

Like Taplio, but for X (the artist formerly known as Twitter). If you're serious about growing on the platform, use this tool. Scheduling, automation, analytics, all taken care of in one user friendly interface.

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Make quick graphics for social media. My team love Canva. It's awesome for product images, website meta images, and putting together professional assets that can be shared with pride.

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This is the fastest way to get your new brand up and running. Looka uses a simple multiple choice process to bring your ideas into reality, and is an incredibly cost effective way to create brand assets.

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And the non AI tools:

Hey email

This email program saves me hours every week, with one feature alone. The screener means unsolicited email doesn't reach my inbox, it goes into a separate area and I can choose whether to screen someone in or out. Gamechanger.

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This tool manages our customer service responses and we like it a lot. Team members assign messages and it looks after saved replies and internal notes.

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Simple project management that keeps me and my team on track and in the loop with each other's work. We don't need anything fancy and this works perfectly.

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My website is build using this tool and I love the simplicity. Set up, choose a theme, and post to your heart's content. Add your site to the Ghost directory for extra subscribers.

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Validate an idea with a simple landing page built using this site. Add a call to action, image and simple form and start collecting interest before you build the product.

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Calm App

I use this app for short meditations as well as concentration music. I listen on walks, when working and especially on airplanes. Calm understands meditation.

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