In her spare time, Jodie is a competitive powerlifter. She competes within the British Powerlifting federation (formerly GBPF) in the under 57kg bodyweight category. Powerlifting involves squatting, bench pressing and deadlifting the heaviest weight possible for a single repetition. Jodie finished 2016 ranked the 16th best female powerlifter in British Powerlifting.

Jodie Cook Powerlifter

Jodie’s current maximums:

Squat: 132.5kg

Bench: 80kg

Deadlift: 162.5kg

Total: 375kg



Jodie began lifting the British Drug-Free Powerlifting Association (BDFPA) and qualified for the 2016 national championships in both the 58.5kg class (at the Alexander Stadium in September 2015) and the 55.5kg class in January 2016 at MSC Performance in Birmingham. Jodie entered the nationals in the 55.5kg class at the British Championships in King’s Lynn in February 2016. With a top squat of 112.5kg (over double bodyweight), a 65kg bench and equal personal best of 130kg in the deadlift, Jodie finished in first place with a 307.5kg total – the highest total in the weight class for four years.

Jodie won best female lifter in the West Midlands bench press championships in November 2015 with a 65kg lift at 58.1kg bodyweight.


squat fournations
Jodie competing for England in the BDPFA Four Nations event in Cardiff in August 2016


Move to GBPF

In May 2016, Jodie competed in the GBPF as a guest at the South Midlands Championships in Gosport, Hampshire, totaling 330kg. This was to qualify for the 2016 nationals in September 2016. Here’s the video of her best lifts:


At the Women’s British Classic, held in Horncastle, Lincolnshire, Jodie placed third in the 57kg class, totaling 352.5kg (130/ 70/152.5). She finished behind two international athletes Ellie Steel in first and Louise Murray in second.

Since then, Jodie has qualified for the 2017 British Classic after the West Midlands Junior Championships, held at the Hatchford Brook Youth Centre in Solihull on the 2nd of April 2017. Here she went 8 for 9, totaling 370kg with a Wilks score of over 430, setting squat and deadlift personal bests.

Here’s the video of Jodie’s 132.5kg squat, 75kg benchpress and 162.5kg deadlift at the West Midlands Junior Championships, a qualifier for the British Classic:



In 2016 Jodie spoke at one of Dubai’s premier performance gyms, InnerFight, to help educate and inspire their fitness community about powerlifting and how Jodie manages her time at one of their monthly InnerTalks.


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