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Hey, I'm Jodie Cook and I'm a Forbes contributor. I write about entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence and lifestyle design in the "entrepreneurs" section of Forbes.

I've been contributing articles on Forbes since 2018 and it's been a game changer for my career. I'm now in the top 1% of contributors, which has opened doors, earned me money, and continues to be something I love to do.

If you're reading this page, you want to become a Forbes contributor too. I can help you do that.

Keep reading, and I'll cover:

  1. Who I'll introduce to my editor
  2. A walkthrough of the application form
  3. The application form itself
  4. What Forbes is looking for
  5. What Forbes pays contributors

Let's go 😊

My editor has asked me to recommend new contributors.

This is a paid gig: Contributors are paid based on a minimum rate per post or traffic payments, whichever is higher each month.

I'm only introducing people who:

  • Have a clear area of specialism or expertise
  • Can commit to a minimum of 5 articles per month
  • Are excited by potentially receiving significant traffic payments
  • Love (and are really good at) writing and want to share their insights

This is a walkthrough of the application form you'll need to complete, which is linked below.*

If there are questions I haven't covered, tweet me here.

Write for Forbes

*This form is long and will take 10+ minutes to complete. I recommend you draft your answers somewhere else first, so you can check everything before submitting via the form below.

You should also read about what Forbes is looking for at the bottom of this page.

Please don't follow me up to check the status of your application 😊. My editor will be in touch if they want to take it further.

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