My work is all about entrepreneurship and I love helping others to take the leap or make a success of their venture.

I built and sold my social media agency over a ten-year period and wrote my experience of starting up, creating a brand, winning and serving clients, hiring a team and growing and selling a company into books and articles with millions of readers.

Inspiring entrepreneurs

In articles for Forbes, Thrive and Thought Catalog, covering happiness, lifestyle design and how to run a business without it running you.

In Stop Acting Like You’re Going To Live Forever, volumes one and two, and their accompanying guided journals.

My readers are entrepreneurs who think differently, or want to.

Telling the stories of entrepreneurs

In articles for Forbes, the book (and accompanying playbook) How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids and podcast interviews with entrepreneurs and business leaders for the Clever Tykes podcast: creating useful people.

Each episode delves into the childhood influences that led to their success as adults. Find the podcast here and the trends here:

Inspiring entrepreneurship

In books including How To Raise Entrepreneurial Kids and its accompanying playbook, co-written with Daniel Priestley. Through the Clever Tykes storybooks, which introduce children ages 6-9 to positive entrepreneurial role models and are read in every UK primary school.

I was lucky to win the Great British Entrepreneur Awards “Entrepreneurs Champion” in 2017 and have since joined the judging panel.

Speaking about entrepreneurship

I have delivered keynotes to entrepreneurs, business leaders and students about my experience as an entrepreneur, including at TEDx Aston University with my TEDx talk, creating useful people.

I’m also a member of Forbes 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs in Europe 2017.