Volume one

These articles have been written to help you create the reality that matches your personal version of success.

They are here to challenge your thinking, show you a different way, or perhaps confirm what you already suspected.

They can serve as your personal hype playbook or be there to remind and reassure you that others have faced the challenges you’re working through right now.

Articles include:

  • How to be happy (nearly) all the time
  • The alternative way to be rich
  • How to stop caring about what everyone else thinks
  • Cruelty is weakness and everyone knows it
  • Six things you need to get over to become a successful entrepreneur
  • Consumption is killing your success
  • No one cares about your problems, so make it look easy

The book includes insights on entrepreneurship, happiness and lifestyle design and has been written for business owners who think differently (or want to).

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Guided journal

The Stop Acting Like You’re Going To Live Forever guided journal comprises 45 days of exercises and questions, to explore the themes and incorporate their messages into your day-to-day. The five themes are:

  • Being crystal clear on your vision
  • Setting your mindset for success
  • Intentionally spending your time
  • Choosing kindness
  • Using perspective as a tool for resilience

This is your personal hype playbook, your daily reminder of what’s important, and the guide to creating your version of success.

Available in paperback and hardback from Amazon:

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or as a printable version here.

Volume two

These articles are here to inspire you to raise your bar and become the best version of yourself.

They can serve as regular reminders, reassurance of your path, or the personal mentor that asks the tough questions to challenge your thinking.

Articles include:

  • Eight reasons you should be dreaming bigger
  • Simple swaps for maximum happiness
  • Five things successful people don’t care about
  • How to thrive in a crisis
  • Five things that happy people know
  • How to be a warrior, not a worrier
  • Six signs you’ve already made it

This is your guide to unlimited achievement and doing what you love, no matter what is thrown at you.

Available in ebook, paperback and hardback from Amazon:

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Volume two guided journal

This guided journal is designed to accompany the Stop Acting Like You’re Going To Live Forever: VOLUME TWO book during a 45-day period of your choosing. Each of the 45 articles has accompanying exercises and reflective questions, so you can delve in, complete the exercises and apply the learning to your life.

The themes are:

  • Dreaming big
  • Finding your calling
  • Thriving in a crisis
  • Creating habits that serve you
  • Trusting the process
  • Maximising output

This is your guide to unlimited achievement and doing what you love, no matter what is thrown at you.

Available in paperback and hardback from Amazon:

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or as a printable version here.

Some of the reviews:

Best sleep I have had in a long time, BUT, this is because after reading the book, I stopped worrying about some of the business issues I have been facing.

This book has the potential to save you a few hundred pounds or more on a business coach and for me is a timely reminder of the importance of perspective in life and in business.

My youngest son, said, “Dad, I have never seen you read a book”. Sad. I know, but apart from fond memories of reading Lord of the Flies and Great Expectations at school and the drudgery of countless law books through law school, I am not a big fan of them, leaning towards business articles, visual content and audio.

Perhaps this is why I found it such an enjoyable, insightful and an easy read. The collection of 36 articles, brought together in one book made this an effortless read and one that filled me with a positive and optimistic outlook.

I have been in business a long time now. This book proves you genuinely can learn something new each day and even if you know some of what is in this book, it serves as a brilliant reminder as it can be far too easy to slip back into a state of ignorance.

I am sure I will be revisiting many of the chapters during the year ahead and beyond and I would recommend anyone, whether thinking about starting a business or a well seasoned entrepreneur to read this book.

R. Bhol via Amazon

Full of insight and inspiration. A thoroughly enjoyable read full of wonderful reminders, insights and inspiration for anyone looking to get the most from life. A great tonic for anyone looking to actually make a difference with what time we have on Earth!

Duncan C via Amazon

Positive and useful guide to achieving business success AND balance. A timely reminder for me of my own mortality, with some really positive guidance on approaches to balancing success in business with quality of life. A great read!

Katie K via Amazon

Nurture your mind for success! If you want change, you have to change…And that starts with the mind! Jodie’s book is a collection of 36 short stories and articles that challenge and develop your thinking. The book is easy to read and each section in a bite-sized format to make even the laziest readers (like me) find time to get through it 🙂

fadetoblack via Amazon

An absolute fantastic read! Thought-provoking, and straight to the point from the off!
I got so much from this, a real game changer! My mindset will be changed forever, from this day forward! By forever, I mean until I die of course! 😳

Amazon customer

An inspiring, thought-provoking read to help you achieve success in business and life. If you want to be fulfilled and happy in business and life, whatever your version of this looks like, read this book! Whether you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur in the making, or a leader or manager within a company, this book will offer you a wealth of helpful ways of thinking and practical tips to aid your success. The author draws on her own experience and learning, as well as concepts from notable figures, and covers a variety of relatable themes in easily digestible articles.

Joanna, via Amazon

I don’t often write reviews but I felt compelled to write one after being put into this great book recently. Too often lifestyle and business books can be overwhelming and hard to digest, but this one is so easy to get into, as a series of articles it means you can pick it up as and when and each section I found very relevant to me and the issues I try and confront when I do allow myself time for perspective… which is all too rarely.

I would definitely recommend to aspiring and actual business owners who are in search for that allusive life balance! Some great ideas and well placed challenges. Would definitely recommend.

Mr H, via Amazon

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Thanks to everyone above for their kind words and wisdom. If you’ve read the books, a big thanks to you as well and I’d love to hear from you.