Social media consultation is a worthwhile endeavour for brands of all sizes. It can ensure their efforts are heading in the right direction, and that they’re not investing resources in social media activity that achieves nothing. Being on social media doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting the most out of it. A consultancy session helps you spot new ways of running campaigns and make better use of the time you’re spending online.

Social media has changed our lives and that means it has not only changed how people buy things, but how they make their buying decisions. The truth is, your company can be right there influencing its audience and making a difference to your bottom line. It can be difficult to ascertain the impact your presence is making, and also the scope and potential you have. This are issues that are addressed in a consultation.

Jodie and her team of social media consultants have delivered social media consultancy for a range of companies including blue chips, SMEs as well as startups and self-employed individuals, as some of the leading social media experts in the UK. Jodie endeavours to share best practice in the field and has published five books on the subject. See more about those here.

Here’s what to expect from a social media consultation:


Social media consultation



Your entire online presence will be analysed in preparation for your consultation. This will maximise the amount of important material covered in the face to face session.


We go through an assessment of where your brand currently is, including what influence it’s having on your target audience and what it contributes to your overall marketing and business goals.

Scope appraisal

This is where we look at the potential scope for further influence and what it means from a sales or other goals perspective. This involves looking at where you would like to be and the associated timeframes.


Having analysed your business, its goals and the current and potential influence of social media, options for moving forward are identified.  Your burning questions on social media tactics, finding your audience and how to measure your success will also be answered.


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Thorough consultations have proven hugely valuable for clients who have been able to assess their social media strengths, weaknesses and opportunities and determine the best course of action.


Jodie is a focused and creative professional with a wealth of value to offer anyone interested in fulfilling their potential, online. She provided me with simple and powerful tools for my business and helped increase my knowledge of social media and online branding. She is a very good communicator with an informal style of engagement and I would recommend her to anyone serious about understanding what is fundamental area of modern business.

~ Nicholas Bailey, CEO Legacy 360 and former Eastenders actor

Jodie provided me with expert social media consultancy. The day spent with me and a colleague helped me to understand and use social media to support my business objectives. Jodie has the technical expertise which supports her creative marketing insights. It’s the combination which I recommend highly. 

~ Joanne Rule MBE, a leading performance, leadership and team coach