Jodie Cook has become one of the UK’s leading social media experts having established her social media agency in 2011. Alongside a strong team of social media managers at JC Social Media, Jodie has worked with hundreds of businesses across a variety of sectors, from hospitality to education and manufacturing to property. JC Social Media is one of the largest specialist social media agencies in the UK and delivers services including social media management, social media training and online social media courses.

Social media plays a huge role in the lives of billions and it’s up to businesses to utilise it as a marketing, engagement and lead-generation tool. Through personal use of social networks such as Facebook, most people understand the basic functions of social platforms, but businesses often require additional expertise to generate a return from their social media marketing activity.

Jodie discovered the power of social media for business whilst on a graduate scheme and founded her social media company the day after it finished. Since then, she has deepened her knowledge of social media and its commercial applications, for businesses with a range of marketing goals across multiple sectors. Jodie and her colleagues speak at national events and work with organisations including the NHS, British Athletics and Lloyds Banking Group. She has also written books on social media.

Press and media

Jodie has published multiple books, featured on panels, television and radio and even appeared as the social media expert on pilot TV show #Oversharers. Jodie regularly discusses social media topics with various publications and is open to opportunities to write or discuss topical issues.

Jodie offers her expertise as a social media consultant and social media speaker to organisations across the UK. To contact Jodie about press and media opportunities as a social media expert, use the contact form.


Selected press and media inclusions

#Oversharers on Vimeo.