Stop Acting Like You’re Going To Live Forever Volume Two – book and guided journal: 50 sets


Purchase Stop Acting Like You’re Going To Live Forever: volume two and its accompanying guided journal in multiples of 50 sets.

Suitable for corporate gifting, book clubs and community groups, colleges and universities and book stockists.

Each set includes one book and one guided journal.



The book:

45 articles to help you dream big, find your calling, and thrive in any crisis.

These articles are here to inspire you to raise your bar and become the best version of yourself. They can serve as regular reminders, reassurance of your path, or the personal mentor that asks the tough questions to challenge your thinking.

Articles include:

Eight reasons you should be dreaming bigger

Simple swaps for maximum happiness

Five things successful people don’t care about

How to thrive in a crisis

Five things that happy people know

How to be a warrior, not a worrier

Six signs you’ve already made it

This is your guide to unlimited achievement and doing what you love, no matter what is thrown at you.


The guided journal

This guided journal accompaniment comprises 45 days of exercises and reflective questions, so you can delve in, complete the exercises and apply the learning to your life. The themes are:

• Dreaming big

• Finding your calling

• Thriving in a crisis

• Creating habits that serve you

• Trusting the process

• Maximising output

Run a business without it running you. For business owners who think differently. This is your personal hype playbook, your daily reminder of what’s important, and the guide to creating your version of success.


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